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USDA Country of Origin Labeling Affidavit

Fed Cattle Price Discovery Issues and Projections

Understanding Livestock Pricing Issues

Beef, Pork, and Poultry Industry Coordination

Structural Changes in Cattle Feeding and Meat Packing

Fed Cattle Pricing: Live and Dressed Weight

Fed Cattle Pricing: Grid Pricing Basics

Fed Cattle Pricing: Basis Contracts

Grid Pricing of Fed Cattle: Base Prices and Premiums-Discounts

Grid Pricing of Fed Cattle: Risk and Information

Beef Industry Alliances and Vertical Arrangements

Formula Pricing Fed Cattle with Wholesale and Futures Markets

Fed Cattle Market Simulator Applications

Grid Pricing Calculator

Cattle Feeders' Marketing and Pricing Practices

Producer Signals and Incentives with Grid Pricing

Extent and Value of Retail Beef Brands

Value Discovery Issues for Fed Cattle

Carcass Discounts and Grid Pricing Implications

Grid Pricing Usage by Cattle Feeders

Minding Your Cattle P's and Q's: Basic Facts on Source, Age, and other Claim Verification through PVP and QSA Programs

Fed Cattle Market Simulator